1. Found me a tree and no strike⚡️

  2. Truly inspired @ernestdoty Thank you for the perfect first interview for @igersabq 👌👊

  3. Street styles

  4. Spotted in #laartsdistrict

  5. Black and white collection from two weeks of travel Chicago-Albuquerque-Los Angeles

  6. Chilling by the Rio Grande, but not long enough to catch the flame red sky…

  7. Spotted downtown

  8. Chasing light

  9. Mel’s at night

  10. Fun orange balls

  11. Going back to Cali

  12. Reedit of my Burque slide show to promote an Instagram community that I have initiated in Albuquerque… @igersabq The goal of @igersabq is to develop a feed curated by the community. Featured photos are selected from the hashtag #igersabq and the feature photographer of the day selects the next day’s feature. I’m getting ready to hit the ABQ streets to build an IG identity, so we may begin to host Instagram/Photography events in the Duke City. Share the word and ABQ rag your shots #igersabq ✌️

  13. Monsoon remnants

  14. Monsoon remnants

  15. A new view